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Artist Statement

By understanding my assignment in life I have the ability to succeed. To know and accept my purpose helps me to fulfill each assignment and bring to fruition everything I was placed in the earth to do. My purpose in life is to serve others by using the gift of photography in order to give the world a chance to see the unique and unlimited beauty in which God has graced us.

From a young age I've had an interest in taking pictures and snapshots. As I matured, I realized the delicacy of life and the importance of savoring each moment. Whether it’s that first, highly anticipated, invigorating kiss, holding hands, standing at the altar, or the moment you first lay your eyes on the little "mini-me" staring back at you. Priceless moments that take your breath away or the realization that a loved one has now moved on to the next life, leaving you with only memories, for these reasons and many more, I developed a passion to capture life and discovered my gift, photography.

What did this new discovery mean to me? What type of impact could it have on my life and the lives of others? The journey to finding out has been a wonderful one! My goal is to creatively express my passion for life through each photograph. This means I am responsible for making sure each photos has feeling, flavor, attitude, motion, and/or tells a story. My willingness to embrace this gift has grown to unexpected levels. It's a pleasure and privilege to have the ability to preserve time, to see things, people, places, objects, nature from a different point of view, from a different prospective, and add light and life to things missed by an untrained eye! Wow! What a great gift to share with the world.

My inspiration to become a photographer came from many sources. I recall being in middle school, flipping through the pages of my science book, admiring how beautiful and vibrant colored the nature photographs were. Even then, I wondered how different the pictures would be if I took the same photo but from a different angle or height. I remember attending multiple functions such as parties, reunions, and weddings were I would bring my cameras along for practice. Even in your absence, by viewing the finished product, you could feel the sense of emotions that had inhabit the atmosphere.
Not a day goes by that I don't see something or someone that inspires me. True passion causes you to get up early to capture the sweet morning fog, slightly scattered and kissing the surface of a massive body of water as the sun slowly rises with its gentle shades of orange and red. These one moment opportunity photographs are priceless. It’s my desire to reveal the natural beauty of people, the earth, and its inhabitants by simply taking the time to edify each component that makeup its’ structure.

It took many years to overcome fear and officially answer the call God had placed on my life. So one day, I finally decided it was time for me to walk into my destiny and I started my business.
After much meditation and consistent prayer, God revealed to me in a dream, what the name of this business should be. From that moment a new legacy was born, Divine Touch Photography. “Divine Touch”, because He has truly intervened in my life and has His divine hand on everything He has placed me charge over. "I have been divinely positioned to enhance the lives of others through the gift of photography."
The mission of Divine Touch Photography is to humbly serve others by conducting business with extreme integrity and significantly demonstrate the love of God by blessing them with the gift of their captured moments to be preserved for ongoing generations. Talk about living an abundant life! This experience has been both exciting and challenging. However, it has afforded me the opportunity to develop my own techniques and apply my creative skills by designing my own tools to market my services.

How do I feel about my work? It is my passion! I’m doing what I love and love what I’m doing. I love making the experience fun for others. I feel a great sense of pride when I get confirmation from a satisfied customer, clients, family members, and friends. I love being diverse. I specialize in several areas in this field of service such as: special events - public and private, weddings, landscape, real-estate, pet photography, individual and group portfolios. I also enjoy doing free lance photography because it allows me to capture the simple things in life, which often seems to make the most impact on people.

My thoughts: The time redeemed for photography assignments are my investments in the lives of others.
And my goal in life is to not only be successful, but to be significant.

Thank you all for your valued time and allowing me to share with you my story. Continue to be blessed!

Katrina L. Lynch, Photographer/Owner
Divine Touch Photography™